Tasty Tours Of Seattle

November 30, 2016

Tasty Tours Of Seattle, Three Tree Point Bed & Breakfast

Pike Place Market Self Guided Food Tour.

You will want to visit the Pike Place Market on your next visit to Seattle.

Here is a self guided food tour for you on the places we recommend.

(in any order you want, depending on if you like to eat your dessert first in life)

1.      Starbucks Original Store – May have a long line, but if you have to do it, you have to do it.

2.      Daily Dozen Doughnuts – I like the assortment, but can definitely share one bag.

3.      Market Spice - Grab a sample tea.

4.      Pike Place Fish – The Famous Fly Fish- Total entertainment.

5.      Ellenos Yogurt – just a sample is a must.

6.      Pike Place Chowder - “Nation’s Best Chowder.”

7.      The Confectional – For a bite of cheese cake

8.      Beecher’s Cheese – “Worlds Best” Mac and Cheese

9.      Solio’s – Fruit Stand

10.  Chuker Cherrier – Yum

11.  Etta’s – Chef Tom Douglas restaurant for amazing crab cakes.

12.  Pure Fish – Pick up some salmon for dinner on the Barbeque.

We do recommend the Savor Seattle Tour that will take you to all these wonderful places, give your samples, and the local information about each place, plus no standing in lines. But make reservations for the tour.